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SparkleGram is a NYC-based singing telegram company that strives to make your special event, well, sparkle!  We believe there's nothing quite like the gift of live performance. Whether it's a sweet serenade from a ukulele-playing shark for your work-wife or a romantic cello-guitar duet for your wife-to-be, there's a gram for every occasion. Plus, we are eager to create a customized telegram per your request! Together, we'll create that special sparkly moment that your friends and loved ones will remember forever.

Becca Bernard
Becca Bernard



Becca is a ferociously optimistic clown and professional musician. Whether it's dancing with her cello, serenading with the uke, or just being outright silly, she loves spreading joy. When not grammin', she is traveling with her one person show The Fainting Room and  getting cuddles from her fiesty feline Roger.

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