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Singing Telegram Bellhop

The Classic Bellhop

You can't go wrong here! This quintessential telegram is great for every occasion!

Singing Telegram Clown

The  Clown

Whimsical, fun, and charming!

This red-nosed telegram is kid-friendly and friendly to the kid inside us all. 

 The ClassyGram

Romantic serenades by a classical cellist, clarinetist or a clarinet-cello duet. 

ClassyGrams are wonderful for romantic surprises and wedding proposals.

Singing Telegram Cello
Singing Telegram Holidays


All holidays welcome! 

Let us know how we can create the best surprise for your holiday!

Singing Telegram Charlie Chaplin

The Icons

Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball, Elvis, Tom Jones... to name a few!

Requests Welcome! 

Singing Telegram Shark

The Shark

Completely shocking, unexpected and totally Instagram-worthy!

& More...

Big City Cowgirl

Big, Healthy Avocado

YentaGram/ NonaGram

Rock n' Roll Chick

Lady Gaga



Goth Mime

SparkleGram Singing Telegrams NYC

You Name It!

A.K.A. The CustomGram

Want us to show up in a purple body suit?

We can do that! 

Anything is possible at SparkleGram Singing Telegrams where we make your Dream Singing Telegram come true! 

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