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The Classic Bellhop

You can't go wrong here! This quintessential telegram is great for every occasion!

Singing Telegram Bellhop

The Rock Star

A perfect way to let your person know just how much they rock.

The Shark

One of of our most popular 'grams. Completely shocking, unexpected and totally Instagram-worthy!

Singing Telegram Shark

The  Clown

Whimsical, fun, and charming!

This red-nosed telegram is kid-friendly and friendly to the kid inside us all. 

Rock Star Solo_edited_edited.jpg
Singing Telegram Clown
Singing Telegram Cello

The Icons

Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball, Freddie Mercury... to name a few! Requests Welcome! 

Lucy 1.png
Singing Telegram Holidays


All holidays welcome! 

Let us know how we can create the best surprise for your holiday!

 The ClassyGram

Romantic serenades by a classical cellist, or a guitar-cello duet. 

ClassyGrams are wonderful for romantic surprises

and wedding proposals.

& More...

Big City Cowgirl

Giant Avocado


Freddie Mercury


You Name It!

A.K.A. The CustomGram

Want us to show up in a purple body suit?

We can do that! 

Most anything is possible at SparkleGram Singing Telegrams

SparkleGram Singing Telegrams NYC
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