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"Thank you again sooo much, Becca! I will recommend you to everyone I know!”

~Jersey City Client

Made for a very memorable Valentines Day!

 ~Megan Grady, The Bronx

Shark Costume Singing Telegram

Thank you so much!  You were such a centerpiece to the luncheon!  It definitely made everyone's day, especially mine!

~Manhattan Client

HER FACE! I think this is the best surprise of her life. She told me she's now going to go home to her husband and he's going to be so jealous because he won't be doing anything HALF this good for her birthday!!!!

~Bree Barton, Manhattan

Shark Singing Telegram

You are a brave soul!  Thank you for doing what you do!

~Queens Client

It was a great turnout. My wife was sooo surprised. Becca did a great job. Thanks again. 

~Evan Miller, Brooklyn

Becca was the first response I got to my post, and I could tell immediately that she was the one for the  job. Her enthusiasm showed in her message, I could  tell she understood what I was going for. She  delivered a personalized surprise that I couldn't have  planned better myself, and since I couldn't be there,  she worked with my man on the scene and even  texted me to confirm that it had gone well. Thank  you Becca!!


~Jessica Katz, Manhattan

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